Steps on How to Sign-up/Register on Abujabuzz

Written by medinat

Abujabuzz is a free classified site that allows you to post your items for free. Abuja Buzz is one of it’s kind that recycled around Abuja and the people living in it.

In Abuja Buzz, you will be opportune to post your goods for free, promote it to reach wider audience while you relax for customers to flow in and patronize you.

Abuja Buzz is also a site where you can sell your used items, new items, swapping of products, renting of houses, buying of properties and many more only within Abuja axis.

So in this article, I will take you through the step by steps on how to register or sign up on Abujabuzz to enable you post your goods for free. It doesn’t require stress, just a few steps and you are good to go.

How to Sign-up/Register on Abujabuzz

In order to post your goods, items, properties or products for free on Abujabuzz, you must follow these steps correctly.

  1. Click on the icon above to open a page of registration/login for you.
  2. Scroll down to the registration part and fill the form with your details correctly.
  3. Click to mark the “I am not a robot” and click register.
  4. It will automatically send a message to your registered email.
  5. Check your email, click on the link to continue the registration.
  6. If you didn’t get a message, come back to the page and enter your login details, it will automatically take you to your profile.
  7. You can now select the category of your choice to make a post.

Please Note;

While filling the form, you are required to enter a correct email and any password of your choice. Choosing a password doesn’t require your secret email password, it could be anything.

While choosing a password, you are required to choose a medium or strong password (e.g pLweH3a9i1AaB721mt0). Save your password with Google so it can always remind you. If you follow these steps correctly, you will not have issues processing your registration or logging in.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties signing up or logging in by leaving your comments below.

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