Full List of Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Went on a Vacation in July 2022

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Most of our Nigerian female celebrities works really hard aside acting in a movie. Occasionally, they usually unwind by going on a vacation. These celebrities visit different places during their vacations, take photos, and most times serve us fashion goals. Let’s take a look at the female celebrities that went on a vacation in the month of July, 2022.

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Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Went on a Vacation in July, 2022


Nancy Isime is a Nigerian celebrity born on 17 December 1991, she enjoys going on a vacation. Last month, the popular 30-year-old actress and a TV personality went on a vacation at Tanzania. Although she has returned, few days ago, she took to her Instagram story to impress us with some of the lovely pictures she took while away.

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Sharon Ooja is a Nigerian model and also an actress, she was born on 6th April, 1991 and currently, she is 31 years. She had a vacation at numerous places last month, including Greece. The actress shared various photos from her holidays and she looks so stunning in several costumes.

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Diana, a Nigerian video vixen and model who was born on 19th August 2002 also had a vacation last month. Her vacation was in Dubai, and she made a point of entertaining us with her experiences there. The 19-year-old actress went to the malls, beaches, and even the desert.

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Chika Ike is a Nigerian actress born on 8th November 1985, she is also a film producer who spent holidays in Cancun, Mexico (July). The 36-year-old star made a point of visiting numerous locations, slay in amazing clothes, and entertaining her fans with beautiful pictures.

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Angel Smith is a model and former BBNaija contestant. She was born on 13th February 2000, the 22-year-old actress took a holiday in the Maldives last month and she is still there till this moment. The celebrity has been having multiple delectable-looking meals and this have been attracting a lot of attention for her lovely holiday photos.

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Idia, who was born on 4th july 1991 is a prominent Nollywood actress who spent her vacation in Ibiza, Spain just like the other celebrities mentioned above.

The star slay in multiple amazing costumes and toured in several locations, where she snapped some stunning photos.

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