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What is Abujabuzz Used For? Everything You Need to Know About Abujabuzz

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Written by medinat

A newly launched Ecommerce and Blog website that allows you to register and sell your goods for free.

What is Abujabuzz Used For? Everything You Need to Know About Abujabuzz

Abuja as a populated city has different channels of entrepreneurs, from my research, many of these entrepreneurs will have love to put up their business online aside social medias for further adverts in order to make more sales.

The idea of Abujabuzz came into existence after the above research was carried out and the Abujabuzz team have decided to make it free for entrepreneurs to bring in their business and put it up for advertisement in order to reach wider audience.

But meanwhile, you can decided to make your products rank more on the website by promoting it, this will incure charges but minimal and affordable.

In order to Sell Fast on Abujabuzz, I have written an article to guide you through the process, click here to read.

If you are also a new user and don’t know how to go about the website, please click here to read the guide on how to sign up or register on Abujabuzz.

What is Abujabuzz Used For?

Abujabuzz is a free classifieds ads website where you can sell your goods (new or used), buy used or news items and also swap items with people.

Abujabuzz gives you free access to showcase your business to the world that your are professional at what you do.

Abujabuzz also have a blog site which helps to create jobs awareness and interesting articles to keeps it’s clients engaged while on the site.

Aside from jobs awareness, Abujabuzz also allows you to easily rent an apartment or buy properties in Abuja, Nigeria. Let’s look at how you can post your goods for sale on Abujabuzz.

How to Post or Upload Your Goods on Abujabuzz

In order to successfully upload or post your goods for sale on Abujabuzz, you must follow the below due process.

  1. Once you’ve login to the website, click on Post ad
  2. Select the type of ad that you want to do (e.g sell, job, swap, rent, service)
  3. After selecting the ad type you will be asked to select a category
  4. After selecting a category, it will load for you to select a sub-category
  5. After selecting a sub-category, it will now open a page for you to fill in your ads details
  6. After adding your details, you can now publish your ads to make it visible to the audience.


Filling the details of your ads (goods) doesn’t mean you will have to enter the whole information on the page, just fill in the necessary once and leave the remaining one.

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