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“Chomzy is still into you, it is written all over her” – Phyna revealed to Groovy (Video)

Housemate Phyna engages in a conversation about how a fellow housemate, Chomzy, still has feelings for Groovy.

"Chomzy is still into you, it is written all over her" - Phyna revealed to Groovy (Video)

This comes following a round table discussion the housemates had where a couple of issues in the house were tabled.

Phyna reflected on the discussion she had with Chomzy where she quizzed her feelings and discovered that she would have accepted Groovy if Beauty hadn’t.

“The girl is somehow. I asked her if Groovy had moved to you would you accept, she responded hmmmm. It was like she thought about it for a second and said, I can never be a second option,” she stated in part.

Watch the video below:

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