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BBNaija S7: You’re sick, You struggle with instructions – Sheggz Said to Bella (video)

Written by medinat

The sweethearts’ tumultuous relationship has recently sparked online debate.

BBNaija S7: You're sick, You struggle with instructions - Sheggz Said to Bella (video)

Sheggz latest attempt to reprimand Bella over food has got concern fans buzzing. The lovebirds got into another one of their numerous fights on Thursday night, this time over food.

“You struggle with instructions. I told you don’t open it. Why can’t you listen. Because you’re who? Somebody cannot even have a girlfriend that listens,” Sheggz heatedly said in the brief argument that ended almost immediately it started.

The sweethearts have had a week of back-to-back arguments that has left Bella’s fans and viewers concerned for her mental health amid what has been described as Sheggz’ “controlling” and “abusive” behaviour.

During her Thursday diary session, Bella admitted to Big Brother that they were on the brink of a breakup and desperately in need of a dinner date for all the privacy that comes with it.

Watch the video below:

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