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BBNaija S7: Bryan Apologises to Ilebaye (video)

Bryan: I’m sorry about yesterday.

Ilebaye: I’m sorry too

BBNaija S7: Bryan Apologises to Ilebaye (video)

Bryan: Who told you that? How will you say sth like that in front of everyone. Such accusation isn’t kool.

Ilebaye: I can’t tell you that but the person didn’t tell me who said it. I was surprised cos we never talked about dating, so why that?

Ilebaye: I hate someone saying what I didn’t do. The fact that there was no feeling at all and someone said such pained me. I was very angry you called my dad names but it’s fine.

Bryan: I’m sorry. I thought you were going to come and tell me whatever in private.

Ilebaye: I was already angry prior to that.

Bryan: You would’ve called me aside. I came to u 10mns before that incident and said let’s be cordial. I’m sorry for calling ur father in the argument.

Ilebaye: I’m sorry too. This is the 2nd time & I got scared you would hit me.

Bryan: I can only get that angry but I will never hit a woman. I wanted everything cleared in front of everyone cos I needed to clear my name. But it’s fine. I’m sorry.

watch the video below;

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