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AbujaBuzz is an online business-to-business connection social network for Abuja residents. We offer a platform for jobs, free classifieds, social networking, forums, and business connections.

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We are a company that simply connect people

At AbujaBuzz are group of talented youths that came together to build something amazing for people, we pride our self in business connections around the Federal Capital Territory.

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We Just Make the Social Interaction Happen

We provide a platform that gives everyone the chance to connect, interact, buy and sell on our free classified platform, find jobs and get the best candidate for a position inyour company, we also provide the best news and interesting articles to boost your business.

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Simplest ways to get connected

Instead of just coming to social network to socialize and make friends why don’t you make it a proper business connections.

Signup and start interacting, buying and selling, find jobs or start recruiting.


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Our Team

These are the brains and talents behind AbujaBuzz Nigeria

Ibrahim Medinat

Co Founder and Content Manager

Yakubu Binuyaminu

Co Founder & Developer